Saturday, September 6, 2008

HERESY - 1985-1987 ('06)

The UK's Heresy was one of the most important bands to ever play fast music, one of the first to be considered grindcore and very influential to powerviolence as well. They're one of my favorite bands and the personal biggest influence in the stuff I do in my band.

Fast punk riffs blend over frenetic blast beats and shouted vocals. You can hear a lot of the early Boston scene i.e. Siege, Deep Wound, SSD, etc as well as bands such as Void and Ripcord but they most definitely had a sound of their own and were much more pummelling. It's insane how fast this band was for their time!! In the mid-80's when they would play with Napalm Death they'd have drum-offs between Heresy's drummer Steve Charlesworth and ND's Mick Harris where each band would play a song one after the other and try to play faster than the other... essentially how grindcore started.

This album collects, remastered, their '85 6 song "Never Healed" flexi (their best material IMO), their previously unreleased 7-song first demo, their 4 song "Thanks" 7" and a couple other extras. The band broke up in '88, releasing their last album in '89 with labels releasing a bunch of post-humous stuff afterwards, this came out in 06 on Boss Tuneage records. 80's UK hardcore for the win!!

upload link:

1. Never Healed
2. Deprived
3. Mentally Conned
4. Blinded By Power
5. Heresy (Instrumental)
6. Cries Of Want
07. Intro + Disfigured World
08. Never Healed
09. Despair
10. Deathbiter
12. More Blood Is Shed
13. Dead
14. Visions In Fear
15. Path To Decadence
16. Make The Connection
17. Trapped In A Scene
18. Network Of Friends
19. Acceptance