Monday, November 3, 2008

big dump...

I actually stole this from my post on stereokiller that I'd made for people getting into thrash, picking all stuff that I hadn't put up on here already... I felt I should pass this onto my blog as my next post because it's been awhile.

I'll try and have uploads as soon as possible. All these albums are most definitely worth your time. ENJOY!!!

SLAUGHTER - Strappado ('86) - If Bolt Thrower was the death metal/grind version of Sacrilege, then Repulsion was the grindcore version of Slaughter... grimy, repetitive, fast pummeling thrash bordering on grind, most definitely some of the fastest beats of their time (this was in 86). Big influence on Death, so much so that Evil Chuck moved to Canada for 2 weeks to play with them (and then deciding they weren't the band for him... and going back to the states). one of my faves and an undisputed classic.

SEVENTH ANGEL - Lament For The Weary ('91) - If you mixed "And Justice For All" with Cenotaph (Mex) and a hint of Deinonychus you'd sort of have this... like a doomy, near suicidal version of classic Bay Area thrash, lots of great dual guitar and a really heavy, dark tone. I think the fact that they're Christian is one of the things that made this band NOT one of the most respected bands in the 80's... one of the few great thrash bands from the UK.

HOLY MOSES - Finished With The Dogs ('87) - Nasty female fronted German thrash metal, in fact probably the nastiest you could hear in the 87 as far as the ladies are concerned... I guess you could compare it to Destruction and 'Chemical Exposure' era Sadus but with better vocals and not as great riffs.

STONE - No Anaesthesia! ('89) - This is one XWHISKEYX would probably dig a lot... very Bay Area sounding like Megadeth, Heathen, Death Angel but with gruffer vocals. Super good musicianship, lots of shredding and dual guitar, almost a slight alternative feel in some songs. this one could have definitely been a revered classic if it saw the light of day. from Finland (in fact, opens up with a dual guitar version of their national anthem).

CABAL - Midian ('90) - BADASS! One of the best death-thrash albums of the 90's by far, lots of great riffs abound, great for fans of Protector, Death, Agressor, Epidemic and other later thrash and early death metal. kill christ, look for this. has Killjoy from Necrophagia on vocals, but way better than Necrophagia IMO.

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