Tuesday, March 18, 2008

CODE RED - Buried In The Battlefield demo ('07)

I thought that I would include something newer in this blog for a change. Code Red hails from Japan and as you might guess from their name, this band sounds a lot like Sodom but much more fast and spunky. Recent Japanese thrash seems to be forming somewhat of its own style; hyperfast riffing, frantic drumming, upbeat tunes, vicious vocals, like German thrash on crack. Agressor (France) sort of had this style down back in the early 90's but without the musicianship that this wave of madmen possesses. If you like this demo, check out Terror Squad and Fastkill for some more badass Japanese thrash.

They made a full length after this last year but I thought it sounded a little contrived... look them up on myspace and decide for yourself. One of the better demos of last year.

Upload link: http://www.mediafire.com/?kva12wovtrm

1. Hunger Island
2. Toward To The South
3. Destroy

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Rory said...

For more great Japanese thrash (and for die-hard Kreator fans) I suggest King's-Evil, if you missed them somehow. They had one really good album from a few years back.