Monday, March 24, 2008

CORONER - No More Color ('89)

The second greatest band to ever come from Switzerland! (the first being the almighty Celtic Frost o'course) Coroner played a style of technical thrash metal that unlike many of their peers under the "tech" label, kept it very catchy and filtered their immense talent through solid songwriting and sweet riffs. Some of the solos have some jaw-dropping sweeps and certain riffs are quite mountainous in density but for the most part they kept a level playing field. The vocals are decidedly Tom Warrior/Mike Schmier-ish, the guitar production is quite terse and the drums are a little distorted.

If you want overall just pure quality thrash metal, check out this album and every album from Coroner. Later stuff gets more proggy and experimental and less fast, earlier stuff is faster and less technical... I feel this album brings it all together the best.

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1. Die By My Hand
2. No Need To Be Human
3. Read My Scars
4. D.O.A.
5. Mistress Of Deception
6. Tunnel Of Pain
7. Why It Hurts
8. Last Entertainment

Exposed victims and their hopeless runs
Breathe in dust with a boot in their neck
The fear in their eyes
Make spectators hearts
Beat the slow rhythm
Of executed "justice"

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