Tuesday, April 1, 2008

EXUMER - Possessed By Fire ('86)

Germany is so awesome. When people think Germany they just think of the unholy trinity of Kreator, Sodom and Destruction, but when you look around at where thrash bands come from you'll find that besides the US, most of the best thrash bands (and most thrash bands in general) come from Germany... followed closely by Brazil. Besides the given three, my favorite German thrash band is Exumer, and if you've heard the those three bands you know exactly what to expect on their debut "Possessed By Fire"... With this album, think Pleasure To Kill meets Bonded By Blood and with a better album cover than both!

Untainted excellence through and through. Songwriting is memorable and top notch, the Baloff-meets-Angelripper vocals are frantic but cocky, the musicianship is confident and classy, everything falls into place on this album. There's nothing blinding or groundbreaking to see here, just everything done right; a benchmark of what a good thrash album should be. The only thing that takes them away from the crown of 4th greatest band of Teutonic thrash is the fact that they burned out so quick. Of course this came out in '86... when else would you expect?

Upload link: http://www.mediafire.com/?xtlmmmzm1m3

1. Possessed By Fire
2. Destructive Solution
3. Fallen Saint
4. A Mortal In Black
5. Sorrows Of The Judgment
6. Xiron Darkstar
7. Reign Of Sadness
8. Journey To Oblivion
9. Silent Death

The key in hand to set their bodies free
Forceful eyes and they do catch me
My mind twisted in two, my throat is cut
Secret whispers speed, drive me nuts
I am possessed by fire!

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