Monday, February 11, 2008

ATTOMICA - Disturbing The Noise ('91)

I first heard this in the car of Russel from Vulcan (mass props for this, sir!!) at Maryland Deathfest '07, on absolute full blast volume, and I thought the car would either explode or grow rocket boosters. This is easily one of the tightest, fastest thrash albums of all time. Earlier Attomica was sloppy, old Sepultura/Sarcofago sounding primitive thrash - which makes sense, as they're from Brazil - that bordered on black metal and had the occasional hyper fast blast beat. This album still carries a Sepultura comparison, but think "Beneath The Remains" on overdrive, or Slaughter's "Strappado" if it sounded crystal clear and was even faster, plus "Reign In Blood" thrown in for good measure. The drumming on the fast parts of this album exceeds the speeds of most grindcore bands. The vocals are a mid-to-low range bark and somewhat hardcore-sounding, remniscient of the aforementioned Slaughter (of course we're talking about the Canadian legends... I'll put them up in the future). Unfortunately the rest of the album does not match up to the first 3 tracks, but when you're looking for something to totally bludgeon you and have no care for melody or emotion, this is what you should pull out.

01. Ways Of Death
02. The Chainsaw
03. Deathraiser
04. Violence And Terror
05. Blood
06. From Beyond
07. Forbidden Hate

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