Saturday, February 9, 2008


First post of the new blog! Here's some albums you should all check out, hopefully I'll have a few uploads sooner than later.

mostly vicious nasty thrash metal, also some not-so-vicious thrash and a couple other tidbits, but mostly things that sound like Sadus/Slayer. this is stuff I've heard in the past month or so.

Protector - A Shedding Of Skin ('91) - a vicious slab of brutal death/thrash, with death growls, thrash rasps and even some wierd Macabre-esque quirks in there, straightforward super fast riffing and drumming in the vein of Sadus, Devastation, Tapping The Vein-era Sodom, etc. sounds fuckin' schizophrenic. these dudes have been around forever. from Germany, of course.

Epidemic - Decameron ('92)- HOLY FUCK. Fastest thrash band I have heard in at least a month or two, and for me that means a lot. Near-grindcore drumming, Sadus/Dark Angel style lightspeed thrash which is probably my favorite kind. Exhumed has covered these guys before, I can see them making their way up the ladder in future playlists. highly recommended. Bay Area I think?

Agressor - Neverending Destiny ('90) - I can see this getting shit on for being a little repetitive and samey, but yeah, similar to the above mentioned bands, like Sodom's "Persecution Mania" but tossed in a tornado and ran on hyperspeed. one of the only decent thrash bands from France.

Pyracanda - Two Sides Of A Coin ('90) - look at that fucking album cover. I really, really wanted this to be the most venomous thing ever and blow my socks off, but I suppose it sounds like Anthrax/Overkill/mid period Exodus but less talented. decent Bay Area sounding thrash that's somewhat on the light side. Germanz.

Sacrifice - Forward To Termination ('87) - sounds EXACTLY, EXACTLY like 80's Destruction but without the shitty production. so if you always wanted to like Destruction more than you did, check out Sacrifice. maybe throw some Dark Angel in there and you have this Canadian band to a tee.

Schizo - Main Frame Collapse ('88) - ass production, but decent enough to overlook once you start listening to it - fast Italian thrash that sort of sounds like a less nasty Necrodeath (vocals are very similar especially), maybe a little Sarcofago in there because the drums are very methodical and pounding, also blast beats.

Aggression - The Full Treatment ('87) - this is an interesting album... it's very crossoverish but much darker than the norm for this genre. It's got that early Rigor Mortis and Sacred Reich feel but a lot more raw and sorta hardcore-ish at times, and gets insanely fast. production is REALLY ass and changes between tracks, but cool. from good old Canadia.

Cerebral Fix - Tower Of Spite ('90) - I have been listening to this for like 2 weeks now and it still hasn't sunk in with me - very dark and doomy UK thrash metal that's also pretty dry, sort of like Hexenhaus if you've heard them... the less informed might compare them to a more mature, denser Destruction with some nasty Hellhammer riffs. I'm proud I found it.

Gore - Mean Man's Dream ('87) - one of the most different albums I've ever heard. what the fuck. it's a long album full of instrumental atonal shit that sounds like Swans but more metal. listening to this album through, loudly, is like having a chainsaw dance on your desk methodically for an hour.

Arson Anthem - Arson Anthem ('07) - only new thing I'm including in this post - FUCKING FUCKING RULES, man this is good. imagine Negative Approach and Void and Heresy with Mike Williams on vocals. Phil is an interesting guitarist and you can hear his inexperience, Hank III can drum pretty damn fast for being a country singer. these guys pulled it off right and I hope they make more good stuff cause this debut's only 11 minutes long (8 songs).


Eric Paradox said...

COMMENT CHECK. Good albums.

Vincent said...

I'm gonna check out Epidemic and Arson Anthem, I like your reviews.

Also Aggression and Sacrifice are awesome!

xZANx said...

hi! very good blog and awesome underground almbus!
aniway on "mainframe collapse" by Schitzo is Ingo(singer of necrodeath's into the macabre!) that's why the vocals are so similar!
sorry for the bad english

xZANx fro