Sunday, February 10, 2008

CARNIVORE - Carnivore ('85)

I've been playing the shit out of this album since I discovered it a couple months ago, which apparently was way, way too late because it's become one of my favorites. Carnivore is the pre-Type O Negative band of Peter Steele, and my god is it heavy. Peter has this kind of double-layered "bellow of Satan" voice on this release and the lyrics he spews cover cannibalism, eating pussy, male supremacy, world wars, destruction of god and more, in a post-apocalyptic world that came from a dream of his. The music sounds kinda like Black Sabbath meets Sodom with the heaviness turned on overdrive... really though, there were no other bands that sounded like this album. Most importantly I feel this album has clout, it has muscle, and hit has power. There's also a little hint of Type O in the clean break on "Male Supremacy", and there's a gospel choir in "God Is Dead" along with cowbell and what seems to be classical acoustic. If you like this one, also pick up the followup "Retaliation" which is like this album but more crossover thrash style. from Brooklyn. VICIOUS.

1: Predator
2: Carnivore
3: Male Supremacy
4: Armageddon
5: Legion Of Doom
6: God Is Dead
7: Thermonuclear Warrior
8: World Wars III and IV

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"I sense that living human beings dwell below my feet
an important source of protein, you are what you eat
post Armageddon, neo-barbaric, the nuclear warriors do battle
to satiate our hunger, we breed human beings as cattle "


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